Best-selling vehicle in the world is getting greener: Ford’s F-150 pickup is going hybrid

For the first time ever, Ford’s F-150 is going hybrid.

The news comes from Raj Nair, Ford’s Global Product Development Chief. In other words, straight from the top.

Speaking with Detroit Free Press, he said Ford is “working very hard” on a hybrid powertrain for the full-size pickup, however the vehicle is still quite young in the development process. Read more…

Ford, Chevrolet and Honda all made the list for ‘2015 Cars That Get The Best Fuel Economy’.

The choices of the consumer are no longer influenced only by what it is that we desire. People are making more choices to purchase products that will help preserve the planet and the environment.  Among the options for consumers that just might help save the world are hybrid/electric cars.  They’ve come a long way! You’ll find that Ford, Chevrolet and Honda have affordable hybrid vehicles for every budget if you are looking to save on gas expenses and preserve our natural resources.  You can read the Forbes article here.